Kim Gylling

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Tero Kuorikoski, Taekwondo athlete and competitor

“At the beginning of my competitive career, I lost badly in my first major international tournament. I was down and told Kim how I felt. He replied: – Well, I understand that getting beaten in a match affects motivation. Then it’s important to remember what taekwondo (and other martial arts) is trying to teach – to not let adversity in life win, but to face it with a strong heart and defeat it. When you feel your motivation going down, you should therefore ask yourself – is you a Fighter?Winning doesn’t mean winning over a specific opponent, but winning over adversity – thus being a winner in life. As a coach, Kim is therefore stimulating and has emotional intelligence.”


Hanna Sundberg, Kickboxing athlete, coach, personal trainer:

“I have great respect for the enormous knowledge, in all areas of sports, that Kim has. Through training, Kim has given me self-confidence and self-esteem. He has a way of making training both fun and developing. Kim, as a coach, has that little extra that motivates me to develop and become better, both as a kickboxer and as a person.”


Julia Johnsson, Taekwondo and kickboxing athlete and instructor

“When I was on my way to my first taekwondo match with Kim as a coach, I was so nervous about the match that I shouted to Kim on the boat “I’m swimming home!”. But Kim said in a calm tone to me; “it will be fine Julia”. Kim has taught me that nervousness is not something that should stand in the way of the goals you set for yourself. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become.

Kim has not only coached me in the sporting world, but also in studies. I chose to apply to a school in permanent Finland, where there were very tough entrance requirements and fierce competition and they accepted few people. The entry requirements were both physical and mental. I asked Kim to coach me on the entry requirements, which he did. We discussed all aspects, laid out the training for the physical tests and he gave me many good tips along the way. I was so nervous, but Kim kept cheering me up and said as always in her calm tone; “it will be fine Julia”.

I have won gold in both taekwondo and kickboxing and am currently studying for my dream profession thanks to Kim’s help.”


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